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Three Investment Worlds

Red Money / Green Money

Investments & Insurance

We are a 100% independent, non-captive company.  That simply means we do not have just one company’s financial products we sell.  At Aegis Asset Protection & Investments, we go out and find the best possible financial products on the market for our clients, and we are not beholden to just one company like most advisors.

We specialize in many different investments that have guarantees.  For too long, investors have watched their life savings, 401(k), mutual funds, etc. dwindle after huge stock market losses.  We maximize gains and secure your future by using products that prevent loss with contract guarantees.  We also specialize in tax-advantageous investments that are fantastic for those clients in their younger years up through retirement age.  Ask us more about this! 

Investments should be very personal choices. Your advisors should take into account your entire situation, your future needs, your goals and offer a variety of choices for you to choose from. Because everyone’s circumstances change over time, no one investment should be forever.

Many of our clients are older adults who have little or no risk tolerance. They want to know that their money is safe, that it is getting a competitive rate of return and that it is protected, as much as possible, from unforeseen catastrophes. They want to know that their hard earned money will be there if they need it and there to pass it on to their family when the time comes. 

At Aegis Asset Protection & Investments every client is unique. We tailor solutions based upon your unique criteria. We are not limited in our offerings and we work for you, not upper management.

Call us today at 205-397-0826 to see how we can build and protect a financial future for you.​

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